The Book of Revelation Part 13: Thyatira—Part 2

Jezebel called herself a prophetess and led the church in Thyatira into sexual immorality. What are the biblical tests of a prophet? What is meant by sexual immorality in this passage? Looking at the Old Testament, we learn that when Israel worshipped other gods, God referred to it as sexual immorality or idolatry. Not only was the church of Thyatira worshipping Semiramis, they were worshipping Tammuz, the sun god. In addition, Dr. Bramson examines the incorrect idea that the papacy has the keys to the kingdom. On whom was the church built?

Listen here.

You may find Dr. Bramson’s book, Revelation Decoded: The Easiest Book in the Bible, to be a valuable tool as you listen to the Revelation series. Revelation Decoded is available here.

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