Chronological End Times

16. Last 7 years: Heaven and Earth–part 1

Dr. Bramson begins Revelation 4 with a reminder of the importance of remembering the vantage point of John as he wrote these passages. Some passages are from the perspective of heaven and some are from the earth. Also, Dr. Bramson has a few caveats as we begin. First, we need to remember what death is.  Death is when the soul departs from the body. When someone is raised from the dead, the spirit returns to the body. When someone is dead, his or her spirit is still conscious. The final caveat is this–when God says something, He means it. In this lesson, Dr. Bramson looks at a foundational question about where each player is before and after the rapture. In this lesson, he looks at where Jesus, the Church and the OT Saints are during the Tribulation.

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