After another overview of how Adam and Eve lost ownership of the earth and how God planned for its (and our) redemption through a Kinsman Redeemer, Dr. Bramson continues in Revelation 6. Who is the rider of the white horse? How does he conquer? What do scales imply (Revelation 6:5)? Whats up with the barley and the wheat (Revelation 6:6)? Why is the oil and wine undamaged? After reading from a few pre-1948 commentators, Dr. Bramson explains what these verses mean.

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Israel and the World Handout Lesson 21

Just prior to Dr. Bramson’s teaching, Geneva Chinnock read “Chosen,” a story she wrote based on Mark 1:16-18. She was joined by Dr. Bramson who read the dialogue with his unique and authentic theatrical voice skills. To listen to it, click here.

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