As Dr. Bramson moves on to Revelation 6, he reminds us how not to learn doctrine. Learned men who translated the Bible around the time of the Protestant Reformation attempted to summarize the Bible for those for who were reading the Bible for the first time. These are called commentaries but now, however, hundreds of years later, many people hold onto these commentaries as though they are inerrant. In addition, God told the prophet Daniel that knowledge would increase in the End Times. So now that we are in the end times, we have much more ability to understand Revelation than did the brilliant commentators 400 years ago. In this lesson, Dr. Bramson teaches about the four horseman of Revelation 6:1-8, a topic that was written about at length by commentators. Who is the rider of the rider of the white horse in Revelation 6? Is it Jesus? Where is Jesus at this point? How can we know who it is?

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