The Book of Revelation Part 31: First and Second Woes

Revelation 10:11-11:13 describes a separate prophecy where John is viewing events on earth during the first half of the seven year tribulation. This passage ends with a great earthquake which occurs at the mid-tribulation point. Then Revelation 11:14 states “The second woe is past; behold, the third woe is coming quickly.” There seems to be a problem. How can the first woe be at the end of the Great Tribulation (see Rev. 9:12) and the second woe during the middle of the seven year tribulation period? This confusion has caused many to believe that the church will go through the entire seven year tribulation period. This seems correct…unless we read more carefully. In addition to this discussion, Dr. Bramson teaches about the Ark of the Covenant. Where is it? Does it matter?

Listen here.  

You may find Dr. Bramson’s book, Revelation Decoded: The Easiest Book in the Bible, to be a valuable tool as you listen to the Revelation series. Revelation Decoded is available here.

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