The Book of Revelation Part 32: Revelation 12

It is said the Revelation 12 is one of the most difficult chapters in the Bible to understand. By understanding what a sign is as well as how a prophetic book is structured, Dr. Bramson explains this chapter. In addition, by comparing Scripture with Scripture, we learn who the woman, the male child and the dragon are. Finally, Dr. Bramson examines an apparent contradiction between Revelation 12:4 and Revelation 12:9. Once again an in depth understanding of the Old Testament clears up this confusion.

Listen here.

You may find Dr. Bramson’s book, Revelation Decoded: The Easiest Book in the Bible, to be a valuable tool as you listen to the Revelation series. Revelation Decoded is available here.


  1. Good call on the tense! I had figured out that it was the story of Christ’s birth, but thought it was giving an explanation of the spiritual aspect of what had taken place in heaven. If you are not familiar with the program Stellarium, you might wish to download it. It is an interactive program to check things out at certain times (feasts!) and see what the position of the planets and constellations are. I find what takes place on 10/2/16 @ 1:20 a.m. in regard to Virgo VERY INTERESTING. I will give you a hint…The prophecy of Revelation 12 is played out in Virgo during the Feast of Trumpets, but the planetary positions (representing according to Hebraic tradition?) is very different this time.

    I know that there are calendar adjustments that take place for certain things on the Jewish calendar. I wonder if they may actually be off one day as the Feast of Trumpets is not scheduled until the 3rd…oh, wait…isn’t Israel like 18 hours ahead……?!

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