The Book of Revelation Part 43: Finale

Based on the entire study, Dr. Bramson presents an overview of the book of Revelation.

Audio coming soon.

You may find Dr. Bramson’s book, Revelation Decoded: The Easiest Book in the Bible, to be a valuable tool as you listen to the Revelation series. Revelation Decoded is available here.


  1. Can I purchase an audio cd of your study on the book of Revelation? My sister hosts a Bible study for a group of ex-addicts in a Starbucks in Orange County, CA. Her participants have asked her to do a study on Revelation. She needs to hear your excellent study! Please help this groups understanding of the codes!!

  2. Thank you for the comment, Jeanne! Our store is not yet set up, but we can still assist you with your request. Please check your email inbox for our message!

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