OT Revealed--Gospel of Luke

52. Obedience! (But to whom?) Luke 17:1-4

Dr. Bramson was fascinated by the passage in the previous lesson (#51) so he spent more time studying this passage and shares his discoveries in this lesson. What does the word sin mean in verse 1? The subject of this passage is not church discipline but rather how we treat people who are walking away from Christ. Again, looking at a companion passage in Matthew 18 reveals the impetus for Jesus’ teaching as well as a more complete understanding of how to help our brother who is falling away from Christ. Moving on to Luke 17:7, Dr. Bramson challenges the 400 year old understanding of this passage which seems to suggest believers can be mean and ungrateful to servants. How did this understanding come about? In this final section, Dr. Bramson draws on church history to answer this question.

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