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A little about Dr. Bramson’s Ezer

“When I first met Leslie, I felt embraced by her warmth. I felt that she was really interested in me as a person. Leslie is not just this way with me. She does this with everyone. Give Leslie a room full of people, and before long she knows everyone and has connected people together. Recently, I went to a social function  and, despite knowing the guest of honor, I kept feeling uneasy. I finally realized why–there was no Leslie there, no one to connect us to each other. In addition to  being a great connector, Leslie models church as family, which it really is, after all.  Any other form of church is insane after you catch the breath of church as family. And another special quality about Leslie: you can’t just sneak into Bible Study unnoticed because Leslie will call you out and welcome you, even if she is in front, even if you are embarrassed and want to wring her neck. You can’t though, because she will just love on you later. Finally, Leslie models healthy touch. Those of us who grew up in non-hugging families soon learn to hug from being hugged by Leslie. And don’t even try and get away without one!  To sum it all up, Leslie redefines normal and inspires me to reach for a new normal in myself.  And that is a very good thing.”–written by one of Leslie’s many friends.