Walter Bramson was the second son born to Jewish parents. Instead of worshiping the God of their ancestors, his parents worshipped the god of academics. Walter’s father, a physicist, taught him algebra when he was just eight years old. Both of his parents had lost extended family members in the Holocaust. Like many Jews, this event seared on their hearts that there was no God. His parents were no different. They were devout atheists.

Walter grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Upon completion of high school, Walter shunned full scholarships to Princeton and Stanford in favor of Haverford College, where he majored in chemistry, biology and music, working his way through college as an orderly. After college, Walter attended medical school at the University of California at Irvine and then completed his residency in Family Practice at Kaiser Hospital, Fontana, California. He has practiced family medicine in a small mountain community since 1982.

When Walter was 30, he wanted to date an attractive blond woman. However, she refused to date non-Christians. She did, however, give him a Bible. Walter had never read the Bible before but he did read this Bible. “God did a miracle,” he says of this event. Miraculously the Holy Spirit opened his mind and heart and he knew that everything he had read was true. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

In retrospect, he realized that he had been having encounters with God throughout his life. When he was about 10, he was lying out on the lawn and wondered if God was in the sky or was God in another dimension. Was God in a form that he could see or was He pure energy? For some reason, he didn’t think these thoughts were odd even though he knew that there was no God. Later, when Walter was a teenager, he was watching TV after dinner while his parents were in another room. A movie came on that was about Jesus. Shutting the door quickly so his parents couldn’t hear, Walter watched the movie. Every time Jesus did a miracle, Walter cried, which he thought was a little bizarre.

Other events in his life hinted at God’s presence. When he called his younger brother names, he felt like there was an intelligence that told him that this was not the right thing to do to his brother. In other areas of his life, God was trying to reach Walter. He had various friends who would talk about their faith in God. He was polite to them but uninterested and shelved away the information, thinking that it might be useful later on.

So at just the right time, God sent a blond to Walter who gave him a Bible. When he read it, God put all these pieces together, opened his heart and brought Walter into His kingdom.

Walter did eventually get a date with the attractive blond woman. And then  another and another. Eventually the two were married in 1985. Walter and Leslie have four grown children and six grandchildren.