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The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Study 65: Doulos

What did the apostles mean when they referred to themselves as a servant, bondslave, bondman and slave of Jesus? These words were translated from the Greek word doulas. There is no equivalent English word making it difficult to translate. By looking at the Old Testament, Dr. Bramson explains what a doulas is. Who else was a doulos?  Will followers of Jesus […]

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Study 60: Jesus Wept

Dr. Bramson continues his study of Passion week. In this lesson, he examines what happened as a result of the Israelites not recognizing the first coming of their Messiah. In addition, he works through Luke 20 as the Sadducees pepper Jesus with trick questions in order to entrap Him. Does their plan work? Listen here Jesus […]

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Study 51: Prayer

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, how did He respond? Did Jesus mean for the “Lord’s Prayer” to be repeated over and over as many people do? How do we know? What was Jesus’ intent when He taught on prayer? From this starting point, Dr. Bramson teaches about one man’s prayers […]

Special Guest Teaching, The Jesus of the Bible

“Demon Possessed?” by Special Guest Teacher Eric Arthurton

Guest teacher Eric Arthurton examines the subject of demons. Can a Christian have a demon? If they can’t, then why is Scripture full of warnings about the enemy? What was Jesus’ normative practice related to evil spirits? What did He teach his disciples and followers to do?  In addition, Eric explores the inaccurate translation “demon possession.” […]

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Lesson 29: Happy Birthday, Israel!

After Israel’s recent 68th anniversary of it’s (re)birth, Dr. Bramson takes an in-depth look at the prophecies of Daniel, Jeremiah and Ezekiel who prophesied during the Babylonian captivity of the southern kingdom of Israel (Judah). By applying the seven times clause of Leviticus 26 to these prophecies (based on Daniel 9), God told the Israelites just exactly how long until […]

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Lesson 27: Parables III

As Dr. Bramson continues teaching about the parables, he discusses the parable of the yeast using his extraordinary theatrical skills. What does yeast represent in the Bible? Is this parable good news? What is Jesus telling us about the parable of the treasure? Who is the treasure? Listen here Jesus of the Bible Lesson 27 Handout

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Lesson 26: Parables II

This lesson continues what Dr. Bramson started in lesson 25 about the parables that Jesus taught. After reviewing the purpose of parables, Dr. Bramson explains the code that Jesus used in teaching about the kingdom of God. What can the mustard seed parable tell us about our churches today? Listen here Jesus of the Bible […]

Q & A with Dr. Bramson

About Q and A

From time to time, people are stumped (as illustrated by our good friend, Yehuda Hochman in the picture) and have questions for Dr. Bramson. If you have a question, please send it through the website or through Dr. Walter Bramson’s Facebook page. We do ask for your patience as Dr. Bramson’s schedule is very heavy. We […]

Israel and the World

43. Back to Israel V

After a detailed review of last week’s lesson, Dr. Bramson teaches more specifically about the group known as the kings of the east referred to in Revelation 16:14. Many people have theories about this group’s identity. Who could they be? By using logic, map, history and the Bible, Dr. Bramson reveals their identity. Moving onto Armageddon, […]

Israel and the World

42. Back to Israel part IV

According to Jesus, what must Israel before He returns? What is a Hallel Psalm? Why were the Pharisees so ticked when Jesus’ disciples sang Psalm 118 on Coronation (Palm) Sunday? Who are the kings of the East? Where is Armageddon? What is the name of God? Why does Satan want Israel destroyed? Listen as Dr. Bramson […]

Israel and the World

41. Why Does Satan Want Israel Destroyed?

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson continues to look at what happens to Israel after the nukes go off. Specifically, why does Satan have so much hatred for the nation of Israel? By looking at several passages in the writings of the prophets, we learn about the man of perdition also known as the antichrist, little horn, […]

Israel and the World

40. Back to Israel–70th Week of Daniel

After making a special announcement, Dr. Bramson reviews the history of the Jews and Gentiles, beginning with the creation of humankind. What is the third group that was created after Jesus’ ascension? In this current mini-series, Dr. Bramson continues to look at what happens to Israel after the nukes go off, during the 7 years […]

Israel and the World

39. Time of Jacob’s Trouble

In this lesson, Dr Bramson teaches on the time of Jacob’s trouble. Based on Jeremiah 30, Dr. Bramson discusses what happens to Israel during the Great Tribulation. Does Israel suffer during these years? What did the prophet Daniel say about this time period? What did Jesus say about this time period (Matthew 24)? Finally, why is […]

Israel and the World

38. The Mystery of God

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson reviews what happens when the nukes go off. What happens to Israel and the world when this occurs? Does the church survive? What exactly happens at the rapture? Moving on, what is the “mystery of God” which is accomplished right before the Second Coming? (Rev10:7) What did John mean when he […]

Israel and the World

32. The Great Tribulation: Hostilities

In this study, Dr. Bramson examines what happens at the beginning of the Great Tribulation. As a review, Dr. Bramson asks who the 144, 000 are? Theories abound but one thing is for sure: they are Jews, not Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists or members of the Worldwide Church of God. Who are the two witnesses? Where […]

Israel and the World

31. What Heralds in the Great Tribulation?

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson examines the false theology of date-setter Harold Camping. Like every other false prophet who thought they knew the day and the hour, Mr. Camping was wrong, and on so many levels.  Dr. Bramson then outlines what must happen before the Great Tribulation begins. (By request, I am posting a timeline […]

Israel and the World

30. 666 part 2

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson takes an in-depth look at the number, 666, as referenced in Revelation 13. What can we learn about the beast from the number 666? A closer look at gematria, in various languages, reveals valuable clues to the beast’s identity. Listen here Israel and the World Handout Lesson 30

Israel and the World

29. 666

Does the rapture occur before or after the man of lawlessness is revealed? Based on 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, many people get confused about which occurs first. Dr. Bramson also reviews how people come to faith in Christ after the rapture. How do they hear about Jesus if the Holy Spirit has left the earth? What […]

Israel and the World

28. Tribulation Saints

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson asks the question, “Can can someone be saved after the rapture?” If so, what happens to these people? What is the mark of the beast? For what reason do people receive this mark? When the tribulation saints cry out in heaven  (Revelation 6) are they dead or alive? What is […]

Israel and the World

26. Temple of Dumb!

After a short review, Dr. Bramson gives the history of the Jewish temple beginning with the portable temple, known as the tabernacle. Moving onto “Solomon’s Temple” and “Herod’s Temple,” Dr. Bramson explains about their destruction and reconstruction. Finally, Dr. Bramson discusses the Temple Institute’s plans for the rebuilding of the Temple. Given that the location […]

Israel and the World

25. Go Back!!!

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson returns to his endtimes study. After John was finished viewing the tribulation from his heavenly vantage point, where did he go? What is meant by “You must prophesy again concerning many peoples, and nations and tongues and kings”? (Rev. 10:11) What does he see from this perspective? What is meant […]

Israel and the World

24. Resurrection Week III

Was the Last Supper the Passover meal? No! How do we know? In this lesson, Dr. Bramson explains the preparations required for the Passover, when the lambs were slain and when the meal was eaten.  In addition, he shows what is meant by a “special” Sabbath and  “day of Preparation.” All of this helps to understand […]

Israel and the World

23. Resurrection Week II

As Dr. Bramson continues his mini-series on the week of Jesus’ passion, he answers the question: What is the difference between the Passover and the Passover seder? In addition, he explains what the haggadah is as well as when and by whom it was created. Is the haggadah a good place to learn about Jesus? Finally, Dr. […]

Israel and the World

22. Resurrection Week I

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson takes a break from the Israel in the World series to spend a few weeks looking at the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection. What was going on when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on donkey on Palm Sunday? To answer this question, Dr. Bramson returns to one of his favorite passages, the prophecies in Daniel […]

Israel and the World

21. Four Horses part II

After another overview of how Adam and Eve lost ownership of the earth and how God planned for its (and our) redemption through a Kinsman Redeemer, Dr. Bramson continues in Revelation 6. Who is the rider of the white horse? How does he conquer? What do scales imply (Revelation 6:5)? Whats up with the barley and […]

Israel and the World

20. Four Horses

Revelation 6:2 says, “I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given him, and went out conquering…” Who is the rider of the white horse? What is the bow he carries and how does he conquer?  Most commentators who wrote before 1948 stated that […]