Following our baptism at the Jordan River, we traveled south to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is fed by the Jordan River. Because there is no outlet, the mineral content has risen to such a high level that it makes all life forms impossible. But for tourists, this high mineral content produces a distinct advantage. It is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea. As we approached the Dead Sea, Yehuda had some warnings for us. First, don’t get your eyes wet. If you get the water in your eyes, you won’t see for two days. Second, don’t splash. Finally, walk slowly into the water. After checking in to our hotel, a group of us walked down to the Dead Sea for a little swim. Anthony Lomeli, 16, went along with his grandpa, Johnny. Here is his experience in his own words: “My first experience with the Dead Sea was horrible. When I got down there, I dove head first into the water. All the salt water went right up my nose and into my eyes. It really burned! I ran out and had to wash my face three times in the shower. Even after washing three times, it still kind of burned. But I learned my lesson which is to listen and pay attention on the bus when Yehuda tells us not to dive into the Dead Sea.” Anthony continues: “Other than that, I’ve had an amazing experience here in Israel! I’m truly blessed to be here on this trip with everyone and will remember this for the rest of my life.”

Posted by Geneva Chinnock, Jerusalem, Israel


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