china-nukeDr. Walter Bramson, Bible teacher, pastor of Threshing Floor Christian Fellowship, and author of Revelation Decoded, has announced his new Bible study series, “Israel and the World: After the Nukes Go Off.” In this study, Dr. Bramson will examine what the Bible says about the role of Israel, the church and the world in the coming days. Will the USA be part of a nuclear holocaust? Is there such a thing as the rapture? Are we in the tribulation now, as many people claim? Will Israel be attacked by surrounding nations? Will it survive?

This new series will begin September 28 at 5pm. Dinner is served at 4pm. Threshing Floor Christian Fellowship meets at 27415 School Road in Lake Arrowhead, behind Rim of the World High School. If you are in the vicinity of the San Bernardino mountains, we invite you to come!

(Threshing Floor Christian Fellowship meets at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church but is not affiliated with the Lutheran Denomination.)

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