If you are thinking that this is two camels, think again.

These are dromedaries.

There are no camels in the Middle East.

Camels, which have two humps and long hair, are designed to live in colder climates.

Dromedaries, with one hump and short hair, live in the Middle East.  The one hump consists of 80 pounds of fat, which can be converted to water and energy when necessary.  Dromedaries can travel 100 miles without water, but when they do drink, they really drink—30 gallons in 13 minutes. Now think about Rebekah who watered Eliezer’s camels, I mean dromedaries. She was one strong woman.

Now that you have your facts straight about these amazing creatures, it’s your turn to submit a caption for this photo. These two dromedaries were at Genesis Land, where we were treated to short dromedary ride down to Abraham’s tent for a delicious lunch. These two dromedaries obviously weren’t part of the fun. What might be going through their mind?

Photo courtesy of John Benson

Geneva Chinnock

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