Many Christians are confused about anger. Some believe that they should never be angry; others are afraid of anger, some people stuff their feelings and still others just let it all hang out and explode. What does the Bible say about anger? What is anger? How do we not sin with our anger? In this lesson, guest teacher Geneva Chinnock ( closely examines Ephesians 4:26-27. What does God say about anger? How can we process and express anger so we live righteously before God and other people?

Listen here

Guest Teacher Geneva Chinnock Handout: What About Anger?

Note: Two movie clips were played which will not be heard on the audio due to copyright laws. You can access them at the links below.

  1. Coffee Scene from Kicking and Screaming; Begin at 2:03
  2. Matthew 23 from the Visual Bible’s Matthew with Bruce Marciano: Begin at the third hour/ Matthew 23

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