In this lesson, Dr. Bramson looks at the story of the “good” Samaritan who stopped to aid a wounded man. Why would a Jewish priest and Levite ignore the injured man? Are God’s rules more important than the safety of a person?  What is a Samaritan? Many Bible teachers say that the Samaritans were half Jewish. Is this true? By examining the history of Israel, Dr. Bramson shows who these people were. One of the practices of the Samaritans was to combine the worship of God with the worship of their native gods, a practice Dr. Bramson calls having a “double major.” How does God feel about this? Finally, what was the point of this story? By actually reading the beginning and ending of the story, parts often left out, we learn the point of Jesus’ story.

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Jesus of the Bible Lesson 41 Handout

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