RevDecoded_CoverWe are pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Walter Bramson’s new book, Revelation Decoded: The Easiest Book in the Bible. If you have listened to Dr. Bramson’s teachings on Revelation and couldn’t write down the biblical paraphrase fast enough, this is the book for you. There are additional notes along with the biblical paraphrase. We believe this would be a great asset for a small or large group Bible study of the book of Revelation or to accompany Dr. Bramson’s teaching series found here.

Revelation Decoded is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (pending) as well as from the author.

From the back cover:

Is the book of Revelation easy to understand? RevDecoded Back CoverYes! Then why do so many scholars assert that it can’t be understood? Why are there so many opinions regarding its meaning? Why do many teach the book of Revelation is symbolic and shouldn’t be taken literally? The answer to each question is simple but sad—most people don’t take God at His word. In Revelation Decoded, author, pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Walter Bramson shows the reader how easy it is to understand the book of Revelation. What is the secret? By understanding that John wrote his revelation in code so that the Christians could understand this prophecy, but the unbelieving Romans couldn’t. What was the code? Read Revelation Decoded to find out.