Our day began with a delicious Israeli breakfast along the Mediterranean Sea. Afterward we headed north along the sea road to Caesarea, home of Herod’s summer palace as well as Cornelius, the Roman soldier who sent for Peter from Jaffa (where we were yesterday.) Next, we traveled to Mt Carmel site of the showdown between Elias the prophet of God, and the prophets of Baal and Ashterothh. Final score: 450 prophets of Ashterothh didn’t even show; 450 prophets of Baal showed up but their god didn’t; Elias, one man of God, who sent down fire from heaven. A delicious falafel lunch followed including hummus, salad and warm thick pita bread. Out last stop of the day was the Mt of the Precipitation, where Jesus was treated with such a nice welcome, his home town crowd tried to push him off the hill. Due to the high wind advisory, Dr Bramson gave his shortest lesson ever, which lasted about two minutes, which was about the time the group needed to convince Walter that we would prefer to not be blown off the mountain. A short drive followed to Tiberius where many of us have hit the pillow to get over our jet leg, including this writer. Shalom! Sent from my iPad in Tiberias

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