Israel and the World

16. Abortion

On this National Sanctity of Human Life Day (January 18, 2015), Dr. Bramson asks “According to the Bible, when does life begin?” He discusses a debate he was involved in with leaders from a religious denomination who perform abortions at their hospitals. The debaters cited Exodus 21:22-25 as proof that life does not begin until […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

68. Ruth

Why is the book of Ruth so important? Many people think of Ruth as a beautiful love story, but why is it in the Bible? Since this is a Bible study on Jesus in the Old Testament, what does Ruth tell us about Jesus? Very religious, orthodox Jews in Israel read the book of Ruth […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

61. Achan troubles Israel

Many people wonder how the “cruel and vengeful” God of the Old Testament could be the same God as the “kind and humble” Jesus of the New Testament. What accounts for the apparent difference? In this lesson, Dr. Bramson examines the conquering of Ai as well as the sin of Achan. Why were Achan and […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

54. Abortion

People often complain that the God of the Old Testament is harsh and cruel in contrast to the picture of God that Jesus gave us. Is this an accurate picture of God? Were the laws of the Old Covenant harsh? Looking at the context of who these laws were for and under what conditions they […]