bride of Christ

Jesus in the Old Testament

52. Doulos

Peter, Paul, Jude and James all begin their letters in the New Testament in the same way—by referring to themselves as a servant, bondservant, bondsman, slave or bond slave of Jesus Christ. In order to understand what they meant by slave/servant/bondsman, Dr. Bramson delves into the Old Testament to the laws of slavery. Next, what […]

Chronological End Times

44. Great Tribulation: Mystery of God

Moving on to Revelation 10:7, Dr. Bramson asks what the Bible means by the word mystery. To understand what the Bible means by mystery, Dr. Bramson looks at the kingdom parables.  Using the Jesus Code, Dr. Bramson explains the mystery that Jesus was revealing to the disciples through the parables.  Why was the mystery of […]

Chronological End Times

12. What is the Rapture?

“The Rapture should be at the center of our thoughts at all times. If it isn’t then we don’t understand Scripture or we have a problem with our relationship with Christ.” With this opening, Dr. Bramson dives into one of his favorite topics—the Rapture. He wonders why the Rapture isn’t regularly preached. One reason is […]