Daniel 9

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus of the Bible Lesson 29: Happy Birthday, Israel!

After Israel’s recent 68th anniversary of it’s (re)birth, Dr. Bramson takes an in-depth look at the prophecies of Daniel, Jeremiah and Ezekiel who prophesied during the Babylonian captivity of the southern kingdom of Israel (Judah). By applying the seven times clause of Leviticus 26 to these prophecies (based on Daniel 9), God told the Israelites just exactly how long until […]

Israel and the World

40. Back to Israel–70th Week of Daniel

After making a special announcement, Dr. Bramson reviews the history of the Jews and Gentiles, beginning with the creation of humankind. What is the third group that was created after Jesus’ ascension? In this current mini-series, Dr. Bramson continues to look at what happens to Israel after the nukes go off, during the 7 years […]

Israel and the World

22. Resurrection Week I

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson takes a break from the Israel in the World series to spend a few weeks looking at the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection. What was going on when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on donkey on Palm Sunday? To answer this question, Dr. Bramson returns to one of his favorite passages, the prophecies in Daniel […]

Chronological End Times

15. 70th Week of Daniel

What happens between the Rapture and the Second Coming? In this study, Dr. Bramson will teach about the 70th Week of Daniel, which explains what happens during this time period. What are the “times of the Gentiles?” Why and when did this period begin? Does this mean that God is finished with Israel as a […]