Jesus in the Old Testament

68. Ruth

Why is the book of Ruth so important? Many people think of Ruth as a beautiful love story, but why is it in the Bible? Since this is a Bible study on Jesus in the Old Testament, what does Ruth tell us about Jesus? Very religious, orthodox Jews in Israel read the book of Ruth […]

Chronological End Times

24. Kinsman Redeemer, Messianic Seed

In this lesson as well as the next, Dr. Bramson teaches about the kinsmen redeemer. To do this he explores several Old Testament passages, some which seem R-rated–Lot, his daughters and incest; Esau’s selling of his birthright to Jacob; and finally, Judah, his three sons, his daughter-in-law and prostitution. In the end, Judah declares that […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

26. Messiah has not come!

Why is prophecy so important? One reason is that the majority of the Bible is prophecy. In addition, prophecy is essential in authenticating that the Bible is true. What is prophecy? What is a prophet? How do we know a true prophet from a false one? In addition to answering these questions, Dr. Bramson looks […]