Israel and the World

12. The Magi

In the classic Christmas tale and song, Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar are three, old wise men who follow a star and travel afar (from the Orient) to bring gifts to the Christ Child. How much of this is actually biblical? Were they wise men? Kings? Magicians? In this Christmas classic, and using  his incredible voice skills, […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

107. Daniel #5: Ox’n ye shall receive

As Dr. Bramson continues his mini-series on Daniel, he examines Daniel 4 where Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, describes his own conversion experience after being put out to pasture for seven seasons. What did it take for him to finally understand that the God of Israel was the true King? In addition, Dr. Bramson discusses who […]

Chronological End Times

21b. Special Study: Star of Jesus

In this after-Christmas lesson, Dr. Bramson teaches about an event that happened after the birth of Christ—the arrival of the Magi. Who, or what, were the Magi? Why was Herod so disturbed when they arrived in Jerusalem? What does Daniel, the prophet, have to do with all of this? In this lesson, Dr. Bramson separates […]