Israel and the World

23. Resurrection Week II

As Dr. Bramson continues his mini-series on the week of Jesus’ passion, he answers the question: What is the difference between the Passover and the Passover seder? In addition, he explains what the haggadah is as well as when and by whom it was created. Is the haggadah a good place to learn about Jesus? Finally, Dr. […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

101. The 3 Day Gap

Resurrection week is so full of teachings about Jesus, yet many churches spend only a few weeks on it and miss so much. It is rare to hear about the time between the crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection, a time period that Dr. Bramson calls “The 3 Day Gap.”  In this teaching, Dr. Bramson […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

56. Feasts of the LORD

As Dr. Bramson continues with his series, Jesus in the Old Testament, he examines a passage in the middle of Leviticus that is all about Jesus. Leviticus 23 prescribes the festivals that Israel was to keep, from the selection of a spotless lamb to the Day of Atonement. Some of these festivals have been fulfilled […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

48. Last 3 Days

This lesson is a review of previous detailed lessons Dr. Bramson has taught about Passion Week. First, beginning with Fig Monday, what was Jesus doing by cursing the fig tree? What does the fig tree represent in Scripture? What does this tell us about the end times? Next comes Prophecy Tuesday where Jesus had Q […]

OT Revealed--Gospel of Luke

70. Resurrection Day!

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson explores what Jesus’ disciples might have been thinking during the first 12 hours of Resurrection Day, prior to their awareness that Jesus was alive.  In the last half of this lesson, Dr. Bramson examines the second 12 hours of Resurrection day. Did any of the eleven (remaining) disciples believe the […]