Jesus in the Old Testament

87. Lucifer

Most Christians believe that Satan has already been cast out of heaven. Is this true? Where does this idea come from? By looking at the books of Job, Zechariah, Isaiah and Revelation, and by “comparing Scripture with Scripture,” Dr. Bramson shows conclusively where Satan is now. Listen here

Chronological End Times

66. Judgment!

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson looks at the events that occur at the Second Coming. At this point, Satan is thrown into the abyss. Why isn’t Satan simply thrown into the lake of fire at the Second Coming like the false prophet and the antichrist? More importantly, why is there Satan at all? Next, Dr. […]

Chronological End Times

65. Satan Seized!

In this series, Dr. Bramson has now reached the Second Coming of Christ. According to the Bible, Satan is now seized and sent to the abyss. Many have been taught that Satan was cast out of heaven thousands of years ago. Is this what the Bible teaches? In this lesson, Dr. Bramson examines what the […]