second coming.

Israel and the World

41. Why Does Satan Want Israel Destroyed?

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson continues to look at what happens to Israel after the nukes go off. Specifically, why does Satan have so much hatred for the nation of Israel? By looking at several passages in the writings of the prophets, we learn about the man of perdition also known as the antichrist, little horn, […]

Israel and the World

38. The Mystery of God

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson reviews what happens when the nukes go off. What happens to Israel and the world when this occurs? Does the church survive? What exactly happens at the rapture? Moving on, what is the “mystery of God” which is accomplished right before the Second Coming? (Rev10:7) What did John mean when he […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

57. Moses to Die

In Exodus 17, when the children of Israel were thirsty, God directed Moses to strike the rock at Horeb. Water gushed forth, satisfying the people’s thirst. Some years later, in Numbers 30, the people were thirsty again and the Lord instructed Moses to speak to the rock. Instead of speaking to the rock, Moses struck […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

56. Feasts of the LORD

As Dr. Bramson continues with his series, Jesus in the Old Testament, he examines a passage in the middle of Leviticus that is all about Jesus. Leviticus 23 prescribes the festivals that Israel was to keep, from the selection of a spotless lamb to the Day of Atonement. Some of these festivals have been fulfilled […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

53. Shekinah

While the Israelites were in the desert, how did they know which way to go? Exodus 13 tells us that the Lord led them by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. What is the pillar of cloud? Where else in Scripture do we see a cloud mentioned? Is […]

Chronological End Times

3. 1948 through 2010–Matthew 24

In Matthew 24, the disciples asked Jesus three questions. Dr. Bramson answered their first question in the previous lesson. In this lesson, Dr. Bramson discusses the disciples’ other two questions: “When will the Temple be destroyed?” and “What will be the signs of the Second Coming?” Why is there so much confusion about this passage? […]