temporary abode of the righteous dead

Jesus in the Old Testament

102. The 3-Day Gap, part 2

In this teaching, Dr. Bramson answers the question he raised at the end of the previous teaching (here): Where was Jesus during those 3 days between His death and resurrection? Jesus told the Pharisees he would be in the heart of the earth. Commentators have all kinds of ideas about what this means, but what […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

89. Worst Prayer

Many people wonder how to pray. Is prayer a success when God does what you want? What should our motives be when we pray? In this lesson, Hezekiah receives the news that he will die soon, so he prays to God to let him live and the Lord added fifteen years to his life. What […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

49. The 3 Day Gap

What happened to Jesus between his death and his resurrection? What is death? What happens to the body after death? What happens to the spirit after death? What does the “heart of the earth” mean? What did Jesus do at the heart of the earth? How many hells are there? Who rose from the dead […]

Chronological End Times

73. What happens when we die?

Why is there so much confusion about what happens to us when we die? If we read the Bible carefully, we will learn what happens after death. We also learn that there are three judgments, three types of saints and three hells. This leads to more questions—where did the Old Testament saints go when they […]