tribulation saints

Israel and the World

29. 666

Does the rapture occur before or after the man of lawlessness is revealed? Based on 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, many people get confused about which occurs first. Dr. Bramson also reviews how people come to faith in Christ after the rapture. How do they hear about Jesus if the Holy Spirit has left the earth? What […]

Israel and the World

28. Tribulation Saints

In this lesson, Dr. Bramson asks the question, “Can can someone be saved after the rapture?” If so, what happens to these people? What is the mark of the beast? For what reason do people receive this mark? When the tribulation saints cry out in heaven  (Revelation 6) are they dead or alive? What is […]

Chronological End Times

34. Midweek Activities #2—Tribulation Saints

In this mini-series about the midpoint (mid-week) of the seven-year tribulation, Dr. Bramson teaches about each of the players are doing at this crucial time in history. Like his studies on the rapture, knowing who’s who and who’s where is crucial to prevent confusion about this important period. In this lesson, Dr. Bramson examines tribulation […]