The Bramson 2013 Tour is over. Like the feeling after a good meal, we have returned home satisfied, full of joy and filled with special memories of people and places in the land of Israel.  Israel is no longer a picture on a map in the back of our Bibles. It is a land that has touched our hearts forever. Walter and Leslie Bramson have loved us, led us and modeled their love of Yeshua and the Jewish people.  We couldn’t ask for more. For more information and photos of the 2013 tour, click here. 

What others had said…

“Richard and I had the best trip of our lives when we went to Israel with the Bramsons in April 2013. Everything was well organized from pre-trip information to our return. Leslie and Walter Bramson are generous, loving people who reflect a generous, loving God. Leslie gave out kindness, hugs and ‘bus trip organization’ so that no one ever worried about when to meet or where to go. Walter did the same and included fantastic bible studies at different locations to make the Bible and Jesus come alive. Our tour guide, Yehuda was a hoot–a Jewish messianic rabbi who exhibited incredible knowledge and stories about the Holy Land; he also had a wonderful sense of humor that filled each day with laughter as well as praise… a trip!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t been to the Holy Land, this is the trip for you to consider in the future.” –Richard and Mary Bawden, Redlands, 2013 tour

“We had an itinerary as most groups do and it was followed to a “T.” However, the daily surprises within that schedule were the gems that emotionally caught us off guard. Where we stayed and the reasons we stayed there were carefully thought out.  The timing

of our final entrance into Jerusalem on Friday night as the sun was setting and the special CD played on the bus brought tears to our eyes.  The special feast at Abraham’s tent, the fireside talks and singing at night…the meals and boat trip at the Sea of Galilee…in fact all the lunch time meals ended up being rather special as it was unique and different. The group fit on one bus so it was intimate enough to get to know most of the people.  Worship was daily and we sat where the Bible stories took place.  Personally, I loved the food….it was a cuisine with so much creativity and color.  Taking plain vegetables such as cabbage and carrots and serving them up in so many different ways was delightful to the palate.  The choices of where we ate were carefully planned.  The guide was also a carefully chosen person, Jewish through and through, and a Ph.D. who spoke many languages as well as a believer in Jesus.  He would take the time to teach us both before the stop, during the stop and then again afterwards.  We had two of our teen-age grandchildren, our daughter, my mother and brother all together and that made it extremely special.  God bless anyone who can find the means and the time to visit this special country.  My pre-conception of Israel and how it turned out differently was ultimately my favorite remembrance of a fabulous ten days of our lives.–Sondra Hughes, Lake Arrowhead, 2008 tour


“We loved the small group size allowing us to get to know one another. One of the highlights for us was coming up to Jerusalem late Friday afternoon, looking out over the quiet city and having communion together. Thank you, Juda!”—Larry and Geneva Chinnock, Redlands, 2010 tour

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