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“Dr. Bramson’s level of research is unsurpassed.  He digs deeply into Scripture and when he finds something that appears to be inconsistent with other parts of Scripture, he studies the original Greek.  By doing so, he has located numerous examples where the translators may have selected the incorrect definition from a list of several.  Very often, by trying other, more common definitions for the original Greek words, Dr. Bramson demonstrates that Scripture is not inconsistent.  Personally, this has reaffirmed my faith in the inerrancy of the original text of Scripture.  His erudition makes me want to look deeper into the Gospels and other Scripture.  This, in turn, has deepened my relationship with God.  Now I understand more of what He is trying to say to me and the message is clear.  Scripture is much less frustrating when I can work out the matters that previously did not appear to agree with each other.” Tim Farris, Highland, California

“Dr. Bramson is a breath of fresh air and his teachings are not only insightful but life-changing.  When Scripture is brought to life, one is able to understand the life of Jesus better (and the history of the Jews) and the information can be transformed through our daily lives.  I think I have a better, more intimate relationship with God now and that, is in part, due to Dr. Bramson’s teachings.” Tammy Schmidt, Redlands, California

Everyone is busy with ‘stuff’; Dr. Bramson is busy with Jesus.” Mary Bawden, Redlands, California

Dr. Bramson gives a fresh and exciting perspective on Scripture — I’m always challenged to think through what he says, and I’m always surprised at what I have overlooked in the Bible before. He inspired me to learn Hebrew, and I have been amazed at the discoveries I have made. I know God’s Word more as a result of Dr. Bramson’s teaching. I keep the whole Bible in mind (as much as I can) as I read Scripture, and look for connections, references, and patterns between different parts of Scripture. I don’t see the Bible in the same way after hearing Dr. Bramson. If I read something that does not make sense to me, I do not gloss over it, but study it closely to figure it out. This can mean that I do not “get through the Bible” very quickly, but what I find out is worthwhile! –Eric, Apple Valley, California


    1. Hi Bob: Dr. Bramson is in the process of publishing Revelation Decoded, which is his biblical paraphrase of the book of Revelation. We will post news of it on the website when it is published. Thanks for your interest!
      Sincerely, Geneva Chinnock, Threshing Floor Ministries

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