Our day in Israel started as it always does with teaching from Yehuda. He told us that today, April 8, is the Memorial Day for the Holocaust. Israel sets aside this day in remembrance of those who died in the Holocaust. “It wasn’t so long ago, yet many people deny that it happened. It is a special day for us, full of bitter memories. This is a day to wake up people who want to forget that it happened. We want to keep the memories of those who died alive.” On this day at 10 am a siren is blown, lasting two minutes. Most businesses are closed. Our first stop was to the Jordan River for baptism. As we gathered around Leslie to give her our worldly goods for safe keeping, the siren sounded. We stood in silence, remembering the deep wound of the Jewish people. “If we don’t learn from the past, there is no chance for a better future.” And yet the Jewish people know that another Holocaust is ahead. They are preparing for it. And we as believers know what is ahead. As believers and Americans, let us stand with the nation of Israel and let us pray that more Jews will recognize Yeshua as their Messiah as their only hope of true peace.

Geneva Chinnock at the Dead Sea, Israel April 8, 2013

With gratitude to William Chinnock for his expert technical advice for this trip


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